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Amsterdam, Netherlands Voted as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Amsterdam is a must-see destination ...
Montego Bay, Jamaica Hey Mon! The party atmosphere of Jamaica begins when you get off the plane. Locals ...
London, United Kingdom Undoubtedly the epicentre of the developed world, central London is a thriving metropolis ...
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia KL is a growing tourist and business destination due to the city's very developed ...
Antalya, Turkey Antalya is a gorgeous coastal retreat with an amazing mountainous landscape on the ...
Kuah, Malaysia A small island just off the west coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is a beautful beach ...

About Route Earth

Route earth is a comprehensive online travel and destination guide. Initially founded with the intention of generating transportation/route information, the site has grown to now include our detailed and interactive destination guides. As some of our regulars have noticed, we've change our motto from "Every way to get there" to "Travel Ideas". This is in keeping with our strategy and objective of being the global traveller's preferred reference site for obtaining all the necessary information to enjoy global travel. In terms of travel routes we are currently hosting over 100,000 routes of transport operators - ranging from flights, railways, coaches and ferries. The travel route information is aimed at three profiles of users:

1. If you are a traveller, use this site to explore the thousands of different route possibilities to get to your destination - be it regular flights with exotic stopovers, alternatives to air travel such as sea or rail, or private carriers for exclusive travel. You may also by looking to find tours and excursions at your destination, or just for fun, to explore the novelty and sometimes 'characteristic' joyrides. Also, feel free to peruse the articles by veteran travellers on their worldwide experiences, or to register at our forums page where you can post a query or comment. One of our Route Earth travel experts, or a registered Seasoned Gloabl Traveller will be sure to help you in any way possible.

2.If you are a route operator, register to list your company's routes in our database so that it is listed every time a user search for transportation in the region. A link will provide users your company's contact details where they may take the next step in making a booking. Go further and show off your company's signature webpage on Route Earth, where you can list details of services provided, provide timetables and booking and/or contact details. Enhance your listing by displaying the company's logo and providing relevant photo's. And use the opportunity to promote your company by offering discount coupons and listing special offers. Last but not least, take advantage of Route Earth search capability by exploring the routes not covered by competitors already. 

3. If you are a seasoned global traveller, we invite you to contribute to the site's content - by writing travel-related articles, providing expert-level responses to queries on our forums, and to validate the route data listed. 

The Route Database

Our Routes database currently has over 107,000 unique company-route combinations, covering a comprehensive spectrum of transportation modes available in every corner of the world, and the number of routes is growing rapidly. It is populated from publicly-available timetables of the various transport operators or provided by transport operators themselves. The data is checked periodically for accuracy and validity, and is constantly being updated with new transportation modes and routes from around the world. 

The site will provide you all the relevant infomation  to make a complete route plan by way of route listings, travel articles and forums. The site will give you the transport operator contact details so that you can then make the necessary bookings.  By mid-2009 we plan to have a booking capability built into the site so that you can book your entire itenary using this portal.      

Finally...we hope you find the Route Earth travel and transportation portal useful to your travels. Your feedback and input is always welcome, so feel free to write to us by email or use the feedback form provided. 

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